What is Organic?

biodynamic cherry trees
biodynamic cherry trees

What is Organic Farming?
Organic crops are grown without the use of artificial fertilisers or synthetic chemicals (pesticides/herbicides). Organic standards do not allow any Genetic Modification (GMOs/GE) or food irradiation. Organic Farming methods are dependant on a scientific understanding of ecology and soil science, and use methods such as crop rotation to ensure fertility and help with weed control.
Organic Farmers cultivate a healthy, balanced, living soil from which  their crops grow, and they place a strong emphasis on sustainability, nutrition and animal welfare.

The stringent standards required for produce to be "Certified Organic" regulate growing and handling methods at all levels, from the farm to the customer. Organic Certification in Australia is to internationally reognised standards, and quality is assured through annual audits and random checks.

What is Organic in Conversion?

The process of Organic Certification takes at least three years, although after 1 year of compliance to the regulations and methods of organic farming, produce may qualify for "ORGANIC in CONVERSION"

What is Biodynamic Farming?
Biodynamic Farming is an Organic method originally developed by the Agriculturalist and Philosopher Rudolf Steiner. The Biodynamic farmer does not use any chemical pesticides or herbicides, and adheres to the
strict guidelines demanded by the DEMETER Certification. Biodynamic Farmers seek to understand and enhance soil fertility and use special composted preparations to increase plant vitality and crop quality. BioDynamic principles provide the astrological insights to understand weather patterns and lunar cycles for the optimal timing of soil preparation, planting and harvesting.)

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