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At Ripe, we're committed to stocking the best Organic produce grown in Australia. All of our fruit and vegetables are certified, without exception, so you can rest assured that you're getting food that not only tastes great, but is good for you. This commitment to supporting local growers is a step towards a more sustainable future, and we're proud to encourage healthy lifestyles.

Spring is Here!

spring is here!Spring is here, and with it we have some great local produce. Eating seasonally, the appearance of the new spring vegetables is something of an event... Asparagus, artichokes, broadbeans and the fantastic new season garlic are all now making appearances in-store. Fresh organic Broccoli is in abundance, which means the price has dropped, and the fresh greens are benefiting from the warmer weather and the spring rains.

Artichokes are a delicacy that many of us might have enjoyed at restaurants, but may be unsure of how to prepare them at home. They are a little fiddly, but once you've got the hang of it, they are really pretty easy. Locally grown artichokes from Koo-wee-rup are on special this week at Ripe, so we thought a few tips might be helpful for how to prepare them. Read more about how to prepare artichokes.

Locally grown asparagus is also from Koo-wee-rup, an area famous for the quality of their asparagus. We've put together a few new ideas for serving this lovely spring vegetable, so take advantage of the good prices and celebrate spring with asparagus. Read more about asparagus.

While we wait for the new season of fruit to begin, with apricots, mangoes and stonefruits,  the pears and apples are still pretty good. The locally grown pears from Yarra Orchard in Templestowe are lovely, and are great for making into fruit warm desserts. Try this recipe for pear and passionfruit crumble.

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