5 Steps to Healthy Kids

Recently at Albert Park, a group of mothers got together with Jacqi Deighan, for an informative discussion about healthy food for children. Jacqi is a children’s food educator and owner of Natural Kitchen Strategies a business which aims to get children rediscovering the tastes of good food. She has a passionate belief that real food means real health and would like to see a change in the Australian culture which says that kids only like and want cheap, processed foods. She wants to give kids back the right to experience fresh, natural and real food as often as possible.

Step 1 – Keep It Natural


Always ask yourself ‘Where does this food come from and what has been done to it? Is it close to nature or is it heavily processed?’ Read those labels and steer clear of the food additive brackets. MSG, food colourings, flavourings and preservatives are the last things your kids need. Food that is close to its natural state is the best food for their bodies and brains.


Step 2 – Dodge the Fast Food Trap


Fast food such as hamburgers, pizzas and hot dogs are incredibly high in fat, sugar, salt and chemical additives. They are produced to be deliberately addictive and will only serve to spoil innocent taste buds. Teaching your kids to have a discerning palate will be much more difficult if they eat this type of food.  A clean palate demands clean tastes.


Step 3 – Let’s Drink to Their Health


Keep your kids hydrated by teaching them the power of pure water. Always have water the drink of choice and avoid soft drinks, cordials and commercially prepared fruit juice. Concentrate on giving them freshly squeezed juices and fresh fruit smoothies instead.



Step 4 – Nourishing Fats & Fabulous Food


Feed their brains with plenty of good fats found in fish, olive oil, avocadoes and nuts. Teach your kids the joys of eating fabulous, fresh food everyday and focus on wholefoods rather than refined foods. Get them in the kitchen cooking and having fun!


Step 5 – R.E.S.P.E.C.T


Respect yourself and your body by nourishing yourself with good food and your kids will learn to do so too. Teach them to listen to their bodies and discover how good they feel when their bodies are nurtured and nourished.